How We Help


Aslin works with your company to:

  • Design a plan to reduce waste

  • Choose suppliers that align your organization’s sustainability goals

  • Building checklists and templates to ensure consistency with environmental initiatives

  • Ensure that all segments in the organization can participate

  1. Learn how your company can make a difference
  2. Learn how to set and meet environmental targets

  3. Differentiate your company from competitors and attract a new target market (i.e. eco-conscious customers)

  4. Create a positive work environment where your  employees/team actively pursue common goals and improve team morale

  5. Become a leader in your industry/region/ by attracting talent and positive PR

Implement sustainable initiatives that benefit your bottom line

This Training is for


  • Hotels

  • Professional service firms that host meetings and events

  • Government teams wanting to meet sustainability objectives/plan