RCBC Recyclepedia Podcast | BC Entrpreneurs Embracing the Circular Economy

Allison joins the Recyclepedia podcast as a guest talking about Canadian businesses innovating in the circular economy.


B.C. should look more - not less - at trade diversification post-COVID, analyst says

July 10, 2020

“As with everything in exporting, diversification is long-term,” said ASLIN Canada Trading founder Allison Boulton, a veteran of provincial and federal trade policy.


Business in Vancouver | B.C. exporters feel chill in Canada-China freeze

MAR. 7, 2020

Interview with Allison on the B.C. - China wine trade relationship and how it is affected by the escalation of the Ottawa-Beijing dispute.


Global News | Coronavirus economic impact being felt in B.C.

FEB. 5, 2020

Allison speaks to Global News on the impact the coronavirus has had on trade in Canada.


CityNews | Impact of Coronavirus on B.C. trade

JAN 29, 2020

Allison speaks to CityNews on how B.C. Trade will be affected by the coronavirus.


Coronavirus outbreak: B.C., Canada likely to see economic impact as spread accelerates in China

JAN. 27, 2020

Business in Vancouver talks to Allison about how the coronavirus will be damaging to companies doing business in China.


Globe and Mail | Canadian companies sticking with Chinese growth plans despite trade tensions

APR. 14, 2019

Allison speaks to The Globe and Mail about how uncertainty around the Canada-China trade relationship has affected trade so far.


Business in Vancouver | Richmond berry winery cultivates Chinese market

JUN. 16, 2017

Canada Berries looks to carve out niche amid growing Asian interest in B.C. wineries


Allison Boulton Interview at China Food & Drinks Fair

MAR. 24, 2017

Allison talks about Canadian wines at the Food and Wine Fair in China


Globe and Mail | Seven ways to parlay a trade show into real opportunities

OCT. 13, 2016


Orchard and Vine Magazine | The Challenge of Selling Wine to China

OCT. 1, 2016

Orchard and Vine Magazine interviews Allison on her experience selling wine to Chinese consumers


Globe and Mail | There are big business opportunities for Canadians in Iran

FEB. 8, 2016


Globe and Mail | Discussion: Make your business a global player

OCT. 19, 2015